Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Internship Experience with GLUW

By Ryan Jacobs

My internship with Greater Longview United Way has been a life-changing and humbling experience. This internship has shown me the different sides of people I had the chance to work with, and how to handle the stress that comes along with different types of situations. The internship also taught me patience and how to cope with everyday situations in the workplace. The experience I received from this internship is incredible. I have worked on many projects that I never had the opportunity to work on. In my internship, I have gained so much experience from the projects I have worked on and from all the people that I was able to interact with.

Although this internship can have the tendency to get stressful at times, the staff at United Way is so helpful and willing to lend a hand. They are always willing to give up a few minutes of their busy schedule to help out with a little project, and they are not afraid to go the extra mile to get a project done. The workers at Longview United Way have a true heart for serving the community.

 Longview United Way is a non-profit organization aimed to help the community of Longview and surrounding areas of Gregg County. The people who work at United Way have a heart for the community and are willing to go beyond expectations to help out a people they have never met before. They care about other people’s future and where the people will go in life. The workers at United Way are not afraid to dig down deep and find resources to help the people who cannot help themselves.

This internship has been a great experience for me and I would recommend the internship to anyone who would like to gain experience with all sorts of projects. The staff is kind and considerate and creates an encouraging atmosphere to anyone who walks in the door.